Best Levitating Bluetooth Speakers Review

10. SainSonic SS-01 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Floating Speaker
Senders Levitating Bluetooth Speaker
SainSonic is a brand new product that sells many products. The most successful SS-01 is a floating wireless Bluetooth speaker kit. This includes a standard outlet and docking stations that need to be connected to older speakers. The speakers sound big enough to give you 5 watts of musical power. Up to 10m from the docking module.

The speaker itself includes Bluetooth and NFC technology and can be used as a generic speaker without bass. Its sound quality is amazing in terms of size. The built-in rechargeable battery is used for the speakers.

9. Wasserstein Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Wasserstein has excellent equipment to justify interesting designs and price tags to increase Bluetooth volume. This model uses a small pedestal with polished material and spherical columns.

Connect to various types of devices using Bluetooth and NFC technology. Floating speakers are not affected by vibration, so sound quality is much better. The speakers themselves can be rotated during playback or used as regular Bluetooth speakers without a base.

8. OM / ONE - The world's first innovative Bluetooth speaker

OM Audio Announces First Bluetooth Speaker This statement may be difficult to confirm that the product itself looks great. It is a simple spherical speaker with a round bottom. Both colors are made in black and high quality.

The speaker itself can be used separately without a pedestal. The built-in battery provides enough power for about 12 hours. This model is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and supports NFC technology.

7. Music angel with bluetooth speaker

It is an angel reminiscent of a Bluetooth loudspeaker with excellent design and performance. Because it is a floating speaker, the clarity of sound does not depend on vibration. Also, the bass always keeps the speakers at the same distance.

The loudspeaker itself has a built-in battery that lasts for a long time. With Bluetooth 4.0 technology, speakers can connect to a variety of products, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

6. Bluetooth Floating Speaker ICEORB

Floating Speaker Bluetooth ICEORB is one of the premium models. This is distinguished by the quality of the assembly. Looks like other models available but gets a little better.

The base of the loudspeaker is chrome with a blue LED indicator. The speaker itself has a charging port for the built-in battery and a blue LED indicator in the center. This device is available as a simple Bluetooth speaker and can be connected to any Bluetooth compatible device.

5. Self-controlled Bluetooth speaker

Loudspeaker The Bluetooth Maglev set is one of the most advanced products on the market. This is one of several models equipped with gauges and allows the user to control without touching the device. With EML technology, you can use it as an existing speaker and connect to any Bluetooth enabled device.

The price is a little expensive, but quite large, because it controls gestures and all add-ons. Build quality justifies price.

4. Portable floating speaker SRiver

Portable floating speakers SRiver is a gorgeous device that looks like a big black sphere speaker like a chic bass and a small chessboard. This model offers many features, including speakerphone, for use with smartphones or simple multimedia playback.

The speakers themselves are provided as standard Bluetooth speakers and include 3D surround which makes them bigger than they really are. This model can be connected to an audio source using standard connectors and provides sufficient battery life.

3. Air 2 CSBT-311-BLK Wireless Floating Sound 4.0 Bluetooth High Definition Speaker

Air 2 CSBT is not the cheapest model on the list, but it is the cheapest model that comes with hands-free functionality. It has a built-in microphone that can pair with your smartphone and receive calls.

The speaker itself has a built-in battery that can be played continuously for up to 12 hours. It can be used as a general portable Bluetooth speaker and can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled device.
Best Levitating Bluetooth Speakers Review